Efficiently preserve, organize and manage your land data with the market's most reliable software

What is Agtrinity?

Agtrinity is a web application developed by the Prime Trinity engineering team to meet the needs of professional farmers and large farming corporations. Agtrinity enables users to store, organize, and visualise essential data on soil, chemical analysis, as well as fertilization and irrigation magagement. Additionally, the Agtrinity Rx function allows you to create comprehensive digital maps for variable planting, fertilization, and irrigation.

Who are the users of Agtrinity?


Ag consultants


Land investors

Agtrinity advantages

Centralized preservation and management of soil and agrotechnics

Creating the most accurate VRA maps

Land degradation assessment

Assessment of nutrient level in soil

Carbon traceability through different production systems

Analysis of the impact of climate change on productivity and profitability of production


Marking field, infrastructure objects and irrigation systems

Management of soil maps

Management of soil analysis

Production and tillage management

Crop rotation management

VRA script maps

What's next?

Agtrinity App

Leverage the power of the Agtrinity app to digitize report creation and enhance communication at the company level.

Agtrinity Satelite

Conduct daily satellite monitoring to track crop performance and synchronize it with land maps.

Agtrinity Yieldcron

Transform your iOS or Android phone into a powerful yield sensor with Agtrinity's innovative Yieldcron technology for unprecedented yield mapping and tracking.

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